Welcome to the new the website for Loong Choo Kung Fu Society.

The Australian LOONG CHOO KUNG FU SOCIETY is considered to be a semi-traditional school. Prior to this, only the Traditional style of Kung Fu was taught and practised by all LOONG CHOO exponents. However the saying “Adapt to changes or stagnate and wither” is very true. One has to bend with the wind or snap off at the trunk. All martial arts have undergone enormous changes both in outlook and techniques and methods of teaching.

In this light, The LOONG CHOO KUNG FU SOCIETY in Hobart has deviated slightly from the Traditional School and has become a Semi-Traditional system, emphasizing on the more functional aspects of techniques, rather than some of the more flowery but ineffectual movements practised in the past. However some of the traditions are maintained, the Ceremonial Bow, the methods of Grading (the prime 4 Quadrants), the more effective techniques, to teach for non-profit and to perpetuate the Art and its ideals etc.